Web Research Services

Our online internet research services help you make better business decisions.

Freelancer For You offers a broad range of internet research services to diverse industry verticals and niches including legal, real estate, finance, and banking, insurance, logistics, retail and marketing, educational institutions, automotive, etc. We hold a wealth of experience in dealing with global clients based in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Australia, and other European countries.

Freelancer For You is one of the few data research companies which uses the most modern web research technologies and tools to help you reduce time to market and engage and satisfy customers. With confidentiality assured, we offer a high and accurate research output rate.

Service Offerings:

  • Lead Research
  • Data Mining Service
  • Business Data Research
  • Product & Services Research
  • Social Media Research / Monitoring
  • Market Research
  • Academic Research
  • Data Extraction Services
  • Property Documents Research
  • Events Research
  • Document Research

Online Research Services: Key Application Areas:-

As part of our web data research services, our experts research the web for the following information:

  • Contact details/ leads research for sales support:- 

Professional profiles, resume, contact details including name, residential and official address, email id, phone number, URLs, etc.

  • Target market:-

Market size, retailers, distributors, dealers, marketing strategies, etc.

  • Competitors:- 

Top competitors, products offered by competitors, pricing strategies, etc.

  • Products and services:-

SKUs, product classification and type, specifications, features, attributes, pricing, images, rating, etc.

  • Company/ business:-

Industry domain, company size, financial/ annual reports, etc.

  • Documents:-

Whitepapers, news, magazines, journals, documents pertaining to any industry like legal, real estate, etc.

  • Events:-

Trade shows, seminars, exhibitions, and webinars.

What is Web Research?

Web research is the method of using the internet to derive the required information. The internet as a medium of source provides a wide range of information.

The web research is hence carried out by experts and professionals to carry out the task successfully to mine quality data that is entirely credible and reliable.

Why is web research important for organizations?

Research work is important as it takes experience and knowledge to extract the relevant and correct data from the pool of resources. Web research can also be done on the basis of specific requirements. Data that is available on the internet is to be collected, filtered, and sorted as per the needs to create a specified database. For any organization, it is very essential to have the knowledge of market values, competitor’s details and their product details those changes on a daily basis. So, web research is to be done on a frequent note so as to be in the competition and defeat the competitors. It will create a superior quality of the database, its latest tools and advanced technology is to be used to mine the data and with the help of experts and professional web research work becomes more convenient once outsourced to trusted outsourcing partners.


How can we help you?

Even if cost-effective, we do not compromise on the quality of our service. We offer custom web research services catering to varied business solutions of the clients. With hands-on experience in extensive web research, our team of professionals ensures the accuracy and relevance of the data extracted.

You can very soon get organized data based on your requirements. We will also ensure that the project is heading in the right direction, ensuring efficiency, speed, and accuracy

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